Common Challenges and Outlook for Healthcare


With the primary concern within most healthcare organizations on patient care, all other aspects tend to take a back seat. Data security is no exception. Add in the variety of areas that handle critical data such as gift shops, emergency departments, physician facilities, and development; managing the data security program for a healthcare organization can be a monumental task.

How can we help?

With our experience working with some of the top healthcare organizations in the country, ADi has assisted with the different facets of their data security program, from building the security to meet ISO and HIPAA standards to their overall threat vulnerability assessment. ADi focuses on assisting with identifying the potential data security risks within each area of your organization with the ability to map those risks to standards and regulations, such as HIPAA compliance, to show an overall picture of your data security.

Applicable Regulations / Standards / Frameworks



         HIPAA Compliance

         PCI Compliance


If you are a healthcare organization looking to improve your data security and meet PCI or HIPAA compliance requirements, call ADi today! We can help your organization meet all regulatory standards.