Food Service

Common Challenges and Outlook for the Food Service Industry 


As the Food Service Industry continues to grow, there comes an increased risk with the number of regulations and standards that the industry faces. As a high risk target (as seen in recent breaches), those in the food service industry now struggle to balance information security, while having to deal with both HIPAA and PCI compliance standards, especially for those organizations involved in pharmacy. Industry executives need to be proactive in understanding how process and technology changes such as Customer Loyalty Programs, Online Shopping, Computer-Scanning Cash Registers, and Radio Frequency Identification on Shopping Carts combine to increase information security risk.

How can we help?

ADi can help with your efforts to not only address compliance PCI and HIPAA compliance standards, but also go beyond compliance and increase information security. We have experience with numerous grocery chains of various sizes to ensure the tactical and strategic risk objectives of the organization are addressed, while having the ability to map your PCI and HIPAA compliances to give you an overall picture of your information security risk.

Applicable Regulations / Standards / Frameworks

         PCI Compliance

         HIPAA Compliance

         TR-39 Audit