Application Software

Business today has reached a critical inflection point. Organizations around the globe are taking a hard look at how the Great Recession of the past few years has changed the dynamics of their industries and the behavior of their customers. They are re-examining their business processes and operating models, and factoring into their strategic assumptions seismic shifts like the rebalancing of the global economy toward emerging markets, the massive popularity of social and mobile computing, the pervasive digitization of business and industry, and the need for sustainable business practices. With a renewed focus and sense of cautious optimism, they are charting a new course for the future, and looking to new software applications and deployment models to help them optimize their operations and differentiate their businesses going forward.


Enterprise software has also reached a critical inflection point, as organizations begin to embrace a new generation of applications that are service-oriented and standards-based, and able to be deployed elastically as needed by the business. If you’re like many customers, you may be evaluating the impact of this inflection point on your Applications roadmap and technology investment strategies.

Whether you’re considering a move to the latest release of your existing applications, making selective investments in next generation solutions, or considering new ways to deploy technology, you found the right partner.


Application Solutions



•   Analytic Applications

•   Business Intelligence

•   Business Process Outsourcing

•   Collaboration

•   Customer Relationship Management

•   Customer Self-Service

•   Data Warehouseing

•   Enterprise Information Management

•   Enterprise Performance Management

•   Enterprise Resource Planning

•   Financial Management

•   Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management

•   Human Capital Management

•   Industry Applications

•   In-Memory Computing

•   IT Service Management

•   Master Data Management

•   Mobility Solutions

•   On Demand

•   Policy Automation

•   Procurement

•   Product Lifecycle Management

•   Project Management

•   Supply Chain Management

•   Supplier Relationship Management

•   Sustainability

•   Transportation Management

•   Web Commerce